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Sudoku Game on Azure

I read this while on holiday and could not put it down. A compelling unifying theory describes and explains the psychology of normal people’s decision making, especially where and why we are not always logical.
There are many practical aspects that can be applied to project estimation, sales and relationship building, but mostly I found this book interesting because its full of the fascinating quirks and foibles of the human mind. These are laid bare through of surveys and experiments that reveal effects such as anchoring, priming , re-framing, time-insensitivity and many other delights.

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SSIS Configurations – Best Practice

SSIS provides flexible and varied methods for configuring its packages. These allow operators or developers to change a package’s behaviour at run time to adapt to changing environments. While SSIS is flexible, I personally found there was a lack of … Continue reading

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A Technique for Auditing User Initiated Batch Updates on SQL Server

Overview Auditing of user actions is a common business requirement. Typically users change data on a record-at-a-time basis using an interface that allows maintenance of a single record. In this case each change results in a single entry in an … Continue reading

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Issues Importing Data from Excel

Sometimes data needs to be imported into systems using an Excel file format. This article is about understanding the problems encountered when using Excel for data import, and some ways to avoid them. Let me say straight up that while … Continue reading

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Source Control for Database

Thursday, 17 March 2011 I have spent a lot of time migrating database changes between environments to support the various stages in the sofware development lifecycle. I have succeeded in automating aspects of this, and it has always been something … Continue reading

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LinqPad looks great!       This tool lets you develop LINQ queries by playing with them against live data!   I find that the ability to quickly dev/test queries live is hugely productive, and that’s one reason … Continue reading

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